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Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  Who can become a member?
A:  Anyone age 60+ or disabled who lives in the Greater Portland area.
Q:  Is there a membership fee?
A:  Members pay an annual membership fee to Independent Seniors Network.  The fee covers a portion of the operating expenses.  Individual fees are $275 and Household fees are $350.  Some scholarships are available for lower income members.
Q:  Who provides the services?
A:  Volunteers who receive training and undergo background checks.  For services beyond the scope of our volunteers, we will make available resources for members to contact.
Q:  How does the service work?
A:  Members call the office and leave a message with full details of the service they are requesting, including day & time and what they need.  A volunteer coordinator will identify a volunteer that can perform the service and let the member know who it will be.  Requests should be made  a week prior to the date in order for the coordinator to confirm a volunteer.  
Q:  Who can become a volunteer?
A:  Anyone can become a volunteer after undergoing a background check and training.  Volunteers can choose the types of services they would like to provide and how often.
Q:  How is Independent Seniors Network funded?
A:  In addition to the membership dues, donations, grants, and fund raising provide the financial support.  

Independent Seniors Network
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