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Paving the way for Portland, Maine,
neighbors to age in place

Independent Seniors Network

We are a non-profit, volunteer organization that helps our neighbors maintain active,
social, safe, and independent lives in their own homes.

Join our network today by becoming a member, a volunteer, or a donor.



Our Members:

Being a member brings peace of mind that you will be able to get to important doctors' appointments, therapies, and the pharmacy to get medications. It also provides a way to get to stores, get groceries, or even meet with a friend for lunch. If going to the grocery store is too difficult, one of our volunteers can do the shopping or pick up an order and bring it to you. Members can also feel more connected to the community with friendly visits or phone calls, and meeting new people, such as our volunteers or other members. Members can also get assistance with light help around the home, such as hanging pictures, help with organizing, and doing simple things like reaching that top shelf. Using our services is as simple as calling our main number 7-10 days prior to the requested service, and leaving a message with whatever help you need. Once the request is received, our Volunteer Coordinator will identify a volunteer who is able to provide the assistance and let you know who it will be.  Transportation services include both bringing the member to the location and bringing them back home. Our mission is to enable our members to remain safely in their own homes for as long as possible.

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Please watch our video to see what our
members and volunteers have to say!

“Portland Area Villages is a wonderful experience. The drivers and volunteers are positive and caring.  Everything is very timely and done well.  It’s a chance to be part of a new network in Portland that will give a sense of community over time.” 
~ Karen, age 68

Our Volunteers:

Volunteering with us is a way to make our members' lives easier, safer, and more connected to the community, which is what we all strive for as we get older. The members are all very appreciative of all the assistance our volunteers give them and say things like "You are life savers!" and "I don't know what I would do without you all." We listen carefully to the volunteers and only ask them to perform services they want to provide, on their time schedules, whether their availability is half a day, five days a week, summer or winter. We never pressure a volunteer to do something they aren't comfortable with or don't feel safe doing. The volunteers are also our eyes and ears with the members and let us know if they are concerned about a member for any reason, or if the member is disrespectful or less than pleasant with the volunteer, which is not tolerated. Our volunteers feel they get back as much as they give and really enjoy meeting the members and getting to know them. They all have stories to tell! To become a volunteer, complete the volunteer application or call our main number. We will interview you, do a background check, contact two references, provide some training, and you'll be ready to go!

Learn more about becoming a volunteer.

Our Donors:

Since we are a nonprofit, volunteer organization and the majority of our members are on a fixed income or fall in the lower income range, our membership dues do not cover our operating expenses. We therefore need to rely on donations and grants to supplement our income and enable us to provide financial assistance to our lower-income members. Many of our members have little or no family to assist them with their needs or their finances and we strive to provide assistance to as many community members as possible. Our donors and grantors provide tremendous support to our organization so we can continue to help our neighbors. To donate, you can use a credit card online or mail a check to us at P.O. Box 10832, Portland, ME 04104. And if you would like to donate your time, we always need more volunteers and Board members!

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Areas we Serve:

Our members come from many neighborhoods in Portland, South Portland, Scarborough, Falmouth, Westbrook, and Gorham. Our volunteers are from Portland, South Portland, Scarborough, Falmouth, Cumberland Foreside, and Gorham.

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Independent Seniors Network
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